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Accelerate your career with our exclusive handwriting analysis courses, unlocking the secrets of graphology, gaining valuable insights, and making confident decisions with expert-led online programs.

With graphology

You can discover someone's personality through his/her handwriting

Graphology, also called handwriting analysis, is a well researched and validated system to determine the personality of an individual through the study of strokes of his/her handwriting. Graphological assessments assist professionals involved in counseling and psychology.

We can also use graphology to help us in:


Employee’s rotation

College majoring

Partner compatibility

KAROHS_Professional graphologist_work from home_1_Handwriting Analysis

Get more income as a professional graphology consultant

You can help people around you with your graphology skill and you can get paid from it.

Personal Consultant

Understanding the character, potential, advantages and disadvantages of the client so that it can take a step forward that is fully in line with his/her character and potential.

Company Consultant

Helping in Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Promotion, Creating a job profile with graphology, the right person in the right place.

Problem Solver

Discover deep-seated problems like depression, repression, inhibitions, etc. Many are taught in the Master’s (CMHA) program

Education Consultant

Discovering the potential and direct the students study majors appropriately according to their interests & and talents.

Family & Couple Consultant

Understanding the similarities and differences between husband and wife, prospective spouses, partners and relatives, better.

Freelance Graphologist

You can work from home and handle your own clients with your own rules.

You Will Learn From Basic to Pro

With KAROHS handwriting analysis courses, you will learn from the pros who have been working in the field, and who will guide you, step by step, to become a professional graphologist yourself.


Applicative Course | KAROHS Handwriting Analysis Course


KAROHS - COMPREHENSIVE COURSE of Handwriting Analysis Graphology


KAROHS -EVALUATED COURSE of Handwriting Analysis Graphology


KAROHS - PRE-MASTER COURSE of Handwriting Analysis Graphology - Intermediate Cover Book


KAROHS - MASTER COURSE of Handwriting Analysis Graphology
CHA box illustration - Graphology Comprehensive Course (Medium)

You will get more than 10 books

In the Comprehensive Course, you will receive more than 10 books (1 book can be tens or even hundreds of pages) plus various complementary tools: Flash Card, Worksheets, etc.

And more than 30 books in professional package

We believe that you will be amazed with the wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the various KAROHS study programs program including such basic knowledge as identifying personality traits and preparing accurate personality reports for individual or professional purposes. Students are even taught how to sell their graphology services professionally.

Master Course | Handwriting Analysis Course - KAROHS


If you have been searching for a handwriting analysis course that best fit for you and got stuck, you are in the right place

Why you should study with us

Discover what sets us apart from other handwriting analysis courses and experience a learning journey like no other.

We teach what we do. You learn from the experts

Our teachers are practicing graphologist, and are they very busy. This means that you will gain relevant and practical knowledge from graphologist who work in the field.

Our courses are studied by students from more than 45 countries

We have students enrolled from the US, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, the U.K,. Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, etc.

Our courses and books are based upon sound graphological principles

Unlike with some other courses, all course manuals are written by Dr. Karohs, word for word. They are not copied piecemeal from other courses, nor do they duplicate other training programs.

You can rely on our support every step of the way

Students from other schools often tell us how frustrated they are because their teachers are unavailable. In contrast, we will be by your side every step of the way.

Our course is different from other courses, guaranteed!

They are for students who don’t want courses that are copied from other courses that are copied from other courses that are copied from other courses, and all hype, marketing, show, and PR nonsense.

Our courses are currently studied by people around the world

If you are truly motivated, we promise you that with our study materials you will become a competent professional graphologist and get paid for it. Guaranteed!!!

KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis
Registered students

What they say about KAROHS

Dear Erika, The diploma is beautiful! Even though it may not legally represent anything to the state, it represents a great deal to me – especially because it comes from such a conscientious, supportive, and reputable place. That would be you. Joni McEachran

Joni McEachran

Dear Erika, When I installed the CD you sent I realized you had included many free bonus items and even bonus courses. Thank you so much! I was overwhelmed. The courses are so well written and easy to understand that I was completely surprised. I especially like the course on measuring.

Cyntia Ross

Hi Erika, I just had to express that your courses are very well done and quite detailed. The last two courses I had gone through about 10 years ago does not even compared! I will email as questions arise as I go through the programs. Thanks. Christine

Martha Stew
Roy Fenoff

Hi, Erika I had a chance to look over the course materials and am very impressed with how well organized it is. I am also very impressed in the amount of work and time you put into all of this. I am happy I chose to study under you.

Roy Fenoff

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