Handwriting Analysis Helps to Find Compatibility Between Partners

The Rise of Divorces and Breakups Nowadays Makes Many People Doubt Their Partners. Handwriting Analysis Helps to Find Compatibility Between Partners.

Nowadays we get a lot of divorces and breakups news from public figures that can be seen on the internet. Divorces and breakups can happen because of various reasons that can lead the relationship to an end. Compatibility in a relationship is such fundamental thing to keep the relationship long-lasting.

How to prevent divorce or breakup and why it can happen?

When we’re in a relationship, we can’t force the broken relationship to reverse back to the way it was before. But finding the reason why the breakdown happened, can help you to change for the better. You can try to understand your personality and learn how to bring a positive impact to your relationship so you and your partner can harmonize.

Knowing your personality first and then your partner’s personality can help to understand each other. In general, relationships happened because there’s compatibility but as time goes by they feel not compatible anymore. This is why the personalities of each other’s must be matched. Personality such as like or dislike, fear, defense, or motivation of a person can show the matches of each other and those personalities can be revealed from handwriting analysis.

Maintain a relationship with handwriting analysis!

Handwriting analysis can identify where the problem may bring incompatibility or compatibility with your partner. There are three important aspects of handwriting that must be discovered to assess key personality aspects. Those aspects are :

1. Size of Letters

This aspect tells about how a person prefers to spend their time and what types of things energize them. Large writing takes up more space on the paper. The writer wants to be seen as larger and more important in his life. Meanwhile, Small writing doesn’t take up much space on the paper. The writer doesn’t really think about the importance of the outer world such as how other people think about the writer.

Handwriting Analysis - Large Writing - KAROHS
Large Writing
Handwriting Analysis - Small Writing - KAROHS
Small Writing

2. Slant of Letters

This aspect tells about emotional responsiveness, how a person shows their feelings and how this person reacts to others and to the environment. The more the writing slants toward the right, the more likely people are to show their feelings which means the writer has emotional expression. Vertical writing slant show about the writer is so controlled in showing love, affection, sorrow, pain, or other feelings. Meanwhile the more writing slants to the left indicate the writer is so guarded, protected, and having emotional repression.

Handwriting Analysis - Right Slant - KAROHS
Right Slant
Handwriting Analysis - Vertical Slant - KAROHS
Vertical Slant
Handwriting Analysis - Left Slant - KAROHS
Left Slant

3. Pressure of Writing

This aspect tells about the writer’s state of health, the vitality of the writer, and memory when remembering emotional events. Light pressure writers are sensitive and vulnerable. Emotional events are soon forgotten but still can touch feelings. Medium pressure writers are having enough energy for a day’s work. Emotional experiences can hold for a long time but over time the experience will fade. Heavy pressure writers have a strong willingness to overcome problems and their feelings are strong. Emotional events can be remembered forever and the feeling will last.

Light Pressure
Medium Pressure
Heavy Pressure

Those are three handwriting aspects to assess key personality. You can’t change the personality of someone because that’s their own nature. Acceptance and awareness is the key to everything including keeping the relationship last.

Handwriting analysis has helped to understand one another in a relationship and make the relationship can last. For a better relationship, try to learn handwriting analysis at KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis. Visit our website www.karohs.school and follow our instagram @karohs.school for more information about handwriting analysis.

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